Yasodhara Ashram

Supporting the transition to online teaching in uncertain times

In 2020, Yasodhara Ashram had to cancel most of its on-site courses and retreats due to the pandemic. The Ashram saw the need to adapt and to transition to teaching online as a way to generate income and stay connected with its extended global community during uncertain times.

As a consultant, I worked closely with the Ashram to develop and implement a plan for teaching courses and retreats online. After extensive research and consultation, an online learning platform was chosen. I helped set up the platform and worked closely with staff to implement online learning into existing workflows, from integrating online program registrations into their registration system to supporting their marketing efforts. I also helped develop a technical support program, so that teachers could focus on the teaching and not the technology when teaching online.

Online offerings were a helpful source of income and connection during the pandemic and have been incorporated into the regular Ashram offerings as a way for guests to stay connected or get a taste of the Ashram before visiting.