Central Kootenay Food Policy Council (CKFPC)

Refreshing online communications for engagement and impact

The Central Kootenay Food Policy Council (CKFC) were looking to expand and improve their communications efforts across a range of platforms.

As a communications consultant, I worked closely with the Executive Director to develop and implement a communications strategy. This included refreshing their website, from reorganizing the layout to make key content more accessible to adding visuals. A blog was created to highlight the technical expertise of the Executive Director and a news section was developed to keep members informed about Council developments while enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) for increased visibility. The existing newsletter was revamped and reinvigorated to keep Council members up-to-date and engaged in the work the Council was doing on their behalf.

Working with the existing brand, I developed a vibrant secondary colour palette that reflects the rich hues of the local food system. Using the extended colour palette, I developed a suite of graphic assets, including icons for key program areas, for use on the website, newsletter and social media. The result is a suite of imagery that conveys the vibrancy of the local food system and the diversity of the Council’s projects.

I supported the Executive Director with the design of educational materials, from infographics to presentations to reports, taking complex policy and food systems topics and making them accessible and easy to understand for various audiences, including local government officials and funders. I transformed the annual report from a text-based Word document into a colorful and vibrant report full of photographs and infographics.

The refreshed brand and communications collateral helped improved CKFC’s communication efforts, enabling them to convey complex topics effectively, engage their audience, and strengthen their brand presence.