Old Growth Forest Ecology

Translating a technical literature review into a beautiful & accessible website about the ecological values of old growth forests.

This website was developed during the height of the Fairy Creek logging protests to provide easy access to peer-reviewed science on the ecological values of old growth forests in British Columbia. The challenge was to take a literature review and make it into an accessible and visually appealing website that could be accessed and understood by a wide-variety of audiences, from activists to academics to journalists.

Working closely with the authors of the literature review, including renowned forest ecologist Dr. Suzanne Simard, I created a website that presented the literature review in an easy to access and visually appealing format. Stunning visuals by photographer Sherry Kirkvold were incorporated as well as tables and graphs with in-depth data. An interactive glossary feature was implemented where users can roll over scientific terms to see their definition and visit a glossary for more information. Similar functionality was used to replace footnotes, where users could roll over the citation to get the full reference instead of having to scroll to the bottom of the page or navigate to a different page.

The resulting website is full of accessible data and peer-reviewed science about the ecological values of our older forests, complimented by beautiful and informative imagery of these ancient forests.

Services: Website design

Website: oldgrowthforestecology.org