Amy Allcock is a web professional who is passionate about using technology to support the work of educational and non-profit organizations. Amy currently work as the Web & Marketing Officer for the Micronutrient Initiative (MI), which develops innovative programs in developing countries to help combat vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Prior to moving to Ottawa, Amy worked at the School of Medicine for Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada where she helped medical faculty use technology to enhance their teaching. She has a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy from Queen’s University as well as a post-graduate diploma in Interactive Multimedia from Sheridan College and has spent the last seven years developing, and managing web projects for educational and non-profit organizations. Amy felt compelled to work in this area after volunteering in Thailand as part of the NetCorps program where she worked to help two non-profits use technology to distribute information and educational resources to refugees along the the Thai-Burma border. In addition to her role at MI, Amy is volunteering her time  to develop a web sites for the newly emerging Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Nepal and the National Ambulance Center of Nepal.  When not at the computer,  Amy can be found unwinding in yoga or traveling to new places with her camera in hand finding beauty in both the ordinary and the extraordinary.

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