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All images are currently listed on Flickr.  Custom 11×14 prints are available for purchase for $175 CDN + shipping.  Please contact me at for more information. Online ordering is coming soon.

Artists Statement

Buildings old and new, a wet road on a rainy night, and a decaying pile of scrap metal are just some of the things that inspire me to take photographs.  Through the lens I have discovered the rich world of color, shape, patterns, and texture that surrounds me and have found beauty in both the ordinary and the extraordinary.  I am primarily interested in subjects which were constructed by humans as well as the interplay between these artifacts and the natural environment.  Photography is a meditative process for me whereby the images are revealed through mindful observation as opposed to being constructed or staged.  Through my photographs I hope to inspire others to cultivate their own sense of mindful awareness and observe patterns and relationships present within their own environments.

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