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Flashes of Perception

miksang-mosaicA few weekends ago I had the opportunity to participate in a Miksang Level 1 workshop lead by  Janice Van Dijk.  I’ve wanted to take this workshop for a few years now, but up until now it has only been offered in Ottawa and Toronto so I’m thankful to Janice for bringing the practice to Kingston.

Miksang is a contemplative approach to photography and the focus of the first level is to synchronize the eye and the mind.  This is done by becoming aware of things in your environment that catch your eye and then taking a photograph of exactly what your flash of perception was without all of the distractions.   It is through this mindful approach that you are able to enter a meditative state and the  minimal look of most Miksang photographs results from reducing what caught your eye down to the pure visual elements of colour, light, pattern, and space.

Over the course of the weekend we did several assignments that focused on color, light (patches of light, shadows, and texture created by light), patterns, space and dots in space. The full set of images taken during the workshop can be found here.